• Small children, big cities_FeatImg

    Report looks at children, cities

    Many researchers around the world (including our Smart Cities, Healthy Kids team) are looking at how cities can be made more child-friendly. Some of t...
  • SCHK food env_FeatImg

    Food environment workshop weighs options...

    The Smart Cities, Healthy Kids Food Environment study has examined how city neighbourhoods affect children’s access to healthy food. At a recent wor...
  • McGrane article FeatImg2

    Sask prof compares East Coast childcare

    Childcare has been in the news of late, with federal politicians pitching their vision of how to support Canadian families with young children. There ...
  • Innocenti 12FeatImg

    Canada makes in-roads on child poverty

    The 2008 recession has had an enormous impact when it comes to poverty, especially for children. This month UNICEF has released its Innocenti Report C...
  • Atkinson Report FeatImg

    Atkinson report finds some ECE progress

    While provinces and territories are increasing investments to preschool programs, the situation for early years education remains inconsistent, accord...
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